Care Packages for

Ensemble Offspring

HiberNATION is a completely               independent festival with no external   funding. So PLEASE click and donate   to Ensemble Offspring via this helpful  button. Think what would you be          willing to pay for a ticket and give that!

Join Ensemble Offspring 6pm for a weird, inventive and

 ultimately comforting musical unboxing session.

Mystery Australian composers from around the world are currently preparing musical care packages to say Happy Birthday to Ensemble Offspring. They are about to send them to the core members of Ensemble Offspring, Claire, Blair, Jason, Lamorna, Zubin (all the way from London), Veronique and Freya plus their trusty guide for the evening, Roland Peelman. They will open their very own musical care package for the first time live on stream and will then perform the contents. YOU become the conductor, in a kind of sonic choose your own adventure, switching the windows on and off to create your own version of this curious sound happening.

Photo Credits: Jason Noble and Lamorna Nightingale by Richard Hedger. Claire Edwardes by Jordan Adams. Roland Peelman by Anthony Browell. Blair by Pedro Grieg.

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