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The sonicSANDPIT is a a place for everybody to contribute. We have made pre-designed "recipes" for making new lo-fi sound works. Choose recipe you like, follow the instructions, upload here and enjoy each others inventive spirit!

Silicon Dreams

Make a "Radio Soundscape".

Use a range of musical and non-musical

sounds exploring the theme of

"Silicon Dreams"


Sound Types can include:

• Spoken voice
• Interviews
• atmospheric location recordings
• Short musical melodies on instrument or voice
• Textures
• Electronic instrument sounds
• Sound effects
• Sound Library Loops
• Sampled audio from movies or sample libraries

DURATION: 4 to 8 mins

Upload mp3 192kbps files ONLY

N.B files may take 24hrs to appear.






About Sonic Sandpit
Unexpected Beauty
Sonic Sandpit.jpg
You can use free Digital Audio Workstations like Garageband (on Mac) or Cakewalk (on PC). It doesn;t matter to us.
And remember lo-fi is fine. Just have a go and upload...  "Failure IS an option" ;-)
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