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Lachlan Foster

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Lachlan Foster is an undergraduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, with a keen interest in opera, theatre and electronic compositions. Lachlan also conducts chamber ensembles. His electronic work "Ashfall" was performed at Vivid 2019 with the composer-performer collective, Konzertprojekt. Lachlan has since parted with Konzertprojekt to pursue his own, individual projects, including a one-act musical centered around the judgment of humanity by a group of gods. He is also preparing a proposal for his Masters in 2021, in which he hopes to write a chamber opera.


"Make a Monster with Lachlan Foster" is a livestream dedicated to taking sounds people are familiar with and distorting them into new, vibrant creatures. Will they be beautiful, or will they be horrifying? Lachlan hopes to find out with the audience's help.

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