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If you have a cool lo-fi video, sound work or image. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just something you are fond of.

If you have a particular descriptive text you would like included please upload that as a Rich Text File also.

HiberNATION Festival Presents...

The Monthly Share E.2

A relaxed Monday evening of chats and music, live on stream.

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hiberNATION Festival is independently run. It first started as a way for a group of friends to share their spontaneous creative work.


If you like someone's work please click the "Support Artist" buttons across the site. WE use Paypal.me portal, a simple and secure method for paying independent artists.

 You can give small (or large) amounts: $5, or $10, or $1 it's a help and gratefully recieved. It's easy and a great way 

 to acknowledge the work and creativity of these artists 

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Siân Lindsay (Festival Curator)

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Sian Lindsay is a Sydney based composer. She grew up playing clarinet and developed a keen interest in composing electroacoustic music, writing for small chamber groups with electronics. While completing her Bachelor degree at the Sydney Conservatorium of music, Sian was drawn to the modular synthesiser and has since started improvising and exploring the sound world of analog synths.

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Liam Mulligan (Festival Curator)

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Liam Mulligan (b.1997) is a composer, film maker, visual artist, curator and academic based in Sydney, Australia. He is currently a postgraduate research student at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, investigating multi-disciplinary art. His music is substantially inspired by experimental electronic noise, with strong aleatoric elements, and he combines his practices in varying art forms to create multimodal compositions. Liam is known for creative work that is rhythmic, audiovisual, electroacoustic, cross-genre and contains elements of humour. His work has been featured in concerts and events at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Sydney’s City Recital Hall, Vivid Sydney, hiberNATION Festival and playlists curated by Making Waves.

​Liam has had a hand in multiple large-scale projects in his young career. He co-founded new music collective Konzertprojekt and has worked with them as a composer, performer, sound engineer, social media content creator and curator. Notably, he was project manager for the 2019 ‘Light Qualities’ mini-festival as part of Vivid Sydney, consisting of four concerts across four weeks which showcased more than ten commissions and numerous emerging ensembles and soloists. In 2020 he is co-curator of the online hiberNATION Festival of the Lo-fi alongside Damian Barbeler and Elizabeth Jigalin, which gives performers, composers and audiences a platform to make and enjoy art in the comfort of their own homes. By the festival’s completion, over 50 artists will have contributed to over 100 live streams.


Dahyo Lloyd (Festival Curator)

I’m a composer who is interested in using generative systems to create music. I use MaxMSP as my primary compositional environment, sometimes incorporating a theremin. My interests include noise, idm (terrible name), and free improvisation.

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"Recipes" for making your own lo-fi sound works. Create, upload, share and compare what others have done with the same themes.

    - collective art events  
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Watch, enjoy and participate in collective sound projects. Go to this page to see what we are planning, watch the show and even sign up for an event yourself.

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    - share your draft sketches  
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"Failure IS an option"
An online festival for sharing lo-fi, intimate, roughly  produced experimental projects by artists at home with too much time on their hands. Also some ridiculously amazing stuff by better organised artists of undeniable genius.

To have your work included in the festival click the various upload buttons provided or email Damian at hibernationlofifestival@gmail.com and submit your live stream proposal.

All pure audio files must be accompanied by an image. No files larger than 5GB.

Original creators retain exclusive copyright of their materials