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hiberNATION Festival is independently run. It first started as a way for a group of friends to share their spontaneous creative work.


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Zubin Kanga

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Zubin Kanga is a pianist, composer, improviser and technologist. Over the last decade he has established his reputation in Europe and Australia as a leading innovator of new approaches to the piano. His work in recent years has focused on new models of interaction between a live musician and new technologies, using film, AI, motion capture, 3D modelling, animation and virtual reality. Zubin has performed at many international festivals and international venues including the BBC Proms, London Contemporary Music Festival, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK) Melbourne Festival, Sydney Festival (Australia), Festival Presénces (France), Klang Festival (Denmark), Darmstadt, Podium Festival (Germany), Resonator Festival (Sweden), Gaudeamus Festival, November Music (Netherlands), CUBE, Graz (Austria) and Borealis Festival (Norway). He is a member of Ensemble Offspring and has performed duos with Brett Dean, Rolf Hind, Thomas Adés and Jack Liebeck. Zubin has collaborated with many of the world’s leading composers including Michael Finnissy, George Benjamin, Nicole Lizée, Steve Reich, and Liza Lim and premiered more than 120 new works.

Lachlan Foster

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Lachlan Foster is an undergraduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, with a keen interest in opera, theatre and electronic compositions. Lachlan also conducts chamber ensembles. His electronic work "Ashfall" was performed at Vivid 2019 with the composer-performer collective, Konzertprojekt. Lachlan has since parted with Konzertprojekt to pursue his own, individual projects, including a one-act musical centered around the judgment of humanity by a group of gods. He is also preparing a proposal for his Masters in 2021, in which he hopes to write a chamber opera.


"Make a Monster with Lachlan Foster" is a livestream dedicated to taking sounds people are familiar with and distorting them into new, vibrant creatures. Will they be beautiful, or will they be horrifying? Lachlan hopes to find out with the audience's help.

Damien Ricketson

Sound Touch: Music you can Feel


Sound Touch is a showing of a new work-in-progress conceived by composer Damien Ricketson, with director Sally Blackwood, percussionist Bree van Reyk and sound-designer Bob Scott. What do you hear when you listen with your body? Imagine a music that bypasses your brain and penetrates your skin. A music that plays upon your nervous system like an Aeolian harp, as though you are a set of sympathetic strings stirred into resonance by distant touch. Sound Touch is a performance-work exploring vibration and the body. Sitting somewhere between a musical performance and an outlandish therapy session, join us live from the Sydney Conservatorium as we guide you through a tune-up, a sonic massage and a sound bath that will leave your body sensitive and attuned to the world around you. Sound Touch is a playful and provocative exploration of music’s capacity to affect one’s character. Traversing references from ancient acoustic myths and conspiracy theories to emerging medical technologies and sonic weapons, this enveloping experience is a sensory lesson in the vibratory nature of existence and the delicate art of listening.


Damien Ricketson - composer

Sally Blackwood - director

Bree van Reyk - percussion

Bob Scott - sound designer

Walk so silently that the bottoms of your feet become ears. (Pauline Oliveros)

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