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    Like some of the writing you've seen around this website enough to wear it around? Do you also want to help out the HiberNATION Festival and support our awesome artists?

                             If so, then you're in luck!

   We have taken some of the beautifully written titles around the website by Damian Barbeler and placed them through Redbubble on shirts, hats, mugs, stickers, journals, masks and even pillows for you to own! Even better, 100% of what we make from this shop will go into funding LIVE STREAM Care Packages for our splendid artists who may not otherwise have access to any live streaming equipment!

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   The Classic! A great way to help us show the world emerging talent in the online space. View products here!

   A lovely phrase and the Soundscape theme on the sonic SANDPIT page.  View products here!

   Great as a gift to an artist you love. You should grab one for yourself too!  View products here!

LIVE STREAM Care Package

   All of the funds from our shop will go towards funding LIVE STREAM Care Packages for our artists to borrow. These creatives would otherwise not have access to equipment such as a microphone or an audio interface. This equipment will greatly help our artists create the best and awesomest experiences, as well as feel loved by our HiberNATION community (you!).

What's in the Care Package?

   Inside the care package will be:

- An Audio Interface (Behringer UMU2 U-Phoria 2x2) - $75

- A Microphone (Audio Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser) - $140

- An XLR Cable - $20

- A Microphone Stand - $35

Total for a CARE PACKAGE: $270

We would love to have as many incredible artists as possible to show the world their creativity, and this Care Package will significantly help in making this possible. Please consider buying from our shop and supporting our artists!

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